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The anti-spot kit is fab, I got an email on the 2nd jan saying it had been dispatched and this morning, it was so quick, Used it this morning and my skin feels so much cleaner already, Thanks

Your products have done astonishing things for me. That's it... thankyou

I have had spots on and off for the past 18 years (I'm now 32). After taking a string of antibiotics, I eventually tried Roaccutane, which worked for about a year, only to be plagued by the worst bout of acne I ever experienced one year later. I tried Proactiv from the US, which just aggravated my skin, and came across NE on a website search in a moment of despair. Not really believing it would work, I thought I'd give it a go, and ordered the anti-spot kit. Within a week, I was hooked! My spots disappeared, leaving only scars which will go over time. My skin feels so much cleaner, the products smell great and I'm certainly not so self-conscious anymore. THANK YOU!

I have just used the anti-spot kit for about a week now. So far, I really love the way Natural Element touch my face. It feel soft but does clean my face well. I can see that my acne seem to be diminishing. Will leave more feedback later.

Hi, Just a small review on the anti spot kit. I've been using this kit for almost 2 months now and WOW! it works well! It smells good enough to eat also :)
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