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hi there I just feel that I have to tell anybody out there that suffers with oily/ spot prone skin, just how good Natural Elements Skincare is. I was extremly scepticle having had a dodgy skin since Iwas a teenager I must have tried every product on the market litterally, you know the cycle you've got oily/combination skin so you buy products to combat that and that seems to make things a whole lot worse more oil/shine more spots so you buy more products to try and help and your face feels like a piece of shoe leather it's just a continuation of thinking you are going to find a miricle cure to help your skin condition and you never do.I think I have almost found It. I cannot praise this product enough STOP using all the harsh facial products oon the market because this just makes things worse GO NATURAL.Since using the face wash and the toner combined with the spot serum my skin has improved loads.I don't have a shiny face anymore and the but the whole texture of my skin has changed its soft and silky.Icant believe I am actually using a moisturiser on my face .Take it from meIhave suffered with a bad skin for a long time and trust me THESE PRODUCTS REALLY DO WORK!! Thankyou Natural Elements you have helped me to be able to face the day with a smile instead of an embarassed frown kind regards alison x Chetser

I have just received my Multi- vitamin night cream 2 days after having placed my first order. Very impressed with the service, speed of delivery and the product is fantastic- Smells lovely, light but really rich. I will definately be buying again and will recommend you!

It has to be a miracle! I am so amazed at the instant results!! The spots on my face have virtually disappeared overnight!! I have struggled with acne for so long and I now I can't stop looking at the mirror in disbelief. After trying so many VERY expensive products, I can't believe that there was such an affordable cure all along!! Thank you for giving me my confidence and glamour back!

I�d always been prone to spots but I thought that when I reached my 20�s my teenage skin would disappear. Well it didn�t - in fact it got worse. I feel like I�ve tried every product on the market, all without much success. Then I read about Natural Elements and the anti-spot kit in a magazine. I went onto their website and read some of the reviews, not really sure how much I could believe. I�m always a bit dubious about �works or your money back� type guarantees. But I thought of all the money I�d spent over the years trying to sort out my skin, so in comparison the price of the kit wasn�t too bad. Also, I�m a strong believer in natural remedies and I�d got to the stage where I�d try anything! Within a few days of using the products my skin felt softer and cleaner, and the products smell lovely! Within a few weeks my skin became clearer than it had been in years. Now, 3 months after using the kit, I haven�t needed to wear spot cover or any make up for weeks. I�m not saying I don�t still get the occasional spot, but it�s nothing like soul destroying face-full that I�d lived with for years. My skin is fantastic and healthy and my confidence in my appearance has improved no end. I can honestly say that the anti-spot kit has worked for me (and I am a real person, not just a made-up case!) and I will gladly recommend it to anyone. Thank you, Kathryn

I've been feeling very well since using these products and my face has been cleaned up. I've recommonded my friends and my family to try it. Good products and good dispatching speed. Thank you very much for the wonderful products.
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