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Nov 22, 2006
When I was around 16 I began to suffer from a series of spots on my forehead- just like everyone else I guess. Five years on I was still getting maybe one or two new spots everyday and I was getting really fed up. After visiting my dermatoligist, she promptly suggested a concoction of anti-biotics, bleachy-creams and other potions. At first they worked and I felt good again, but over time the spots returned as quickly as they once had left. I was getting kind of fed up. Completely by chance one night I thought about researching remedies on how to finally cure my spots and natural elements jumped out at me. I had read similar testimonials but obviously was not 100% convinced as I tried many things that had failed from other companies. After reading through all the information I ordered an anti-spot pack and it has literally done wonders. I've had spots for five years and now they have all but vanished in around just one month. I couldn't believe it. That's the main reason I'm writing this testimonial- If anyone's reading this upset and fed up with their skin maybe try the pack as well, if it cleared my skin up I'm sure it could help many others!

Sep 12, 2006
I bought your anti spot kit in desparation for my 12 year old daughter, who was suffering a forehead and cheeks full of spots. We started using it at the end of July 06. It is now September, and I am delighted to say, that whilst she still gets a few of the little pesky things, there is a huge improvement. More importantly, her confidence has returned, and she can look at people again.

Sep 5, 2006
Thank you, I have started to use the anti spot kit it is fantastic. Can see results already only been using it 2 days. I have previously tried other things which didn't work, These products are worth every penny. Thanks again.......Alison

Jul 14, 2006
The Anti-Spot Kit is fantastic and i would highly recommend it to anyone. I too have suffered with bad skin and spots for years and being in my late twenties i'd hope it would have cleared up by now. Started using the facewash, toner, moisturiser and serum 2 weeks ago and my skin feels fantastic - a definate must have for any spot and oily skin sufferers!!

Jul 6, 2006
I simply cannot use anyother product other than the products made by Natural Elments. My skin has improved so much and now i'm going to start using the hair products and body products! Brilliant stuff and i wouldn't and couldn't be without it, so a big Thank you!!
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