General Review Writing Guidelines

We want your comments to be heard--so to save you time and effort, please note that we cannot post:

reviews without an e-mail address.
reviews submitted that do not relate to products received or service.
single-word reviews or reviews longer than 1,000 words.
remarks directed at other reviewers.
content not specific.
reviews that are not your own.
content which might be considered defamatory, blasphemous,racist or incendiary.
profane or spiteful remarks.
sexually explicit or sexually gratuitous comments.
reviews submitted by, or on behalf of, companies or websites.
advertisements or promotional material for other products or websites.
phone numbers, postal addresses or URLs.
availability, price or alternative products or delivery information.
What to include:
Your review should be a genuine review of the products you have ordered and/or the service received, discussing your opinion of it. Make your review as informative and detailed as possible. The best reviews include not only whether you liked or disliked a product,but also why
A good way to approach writing a customer review is to imagine that you are deciding whether to buy a particular product: what information could you put in your review that might help other customers with this decision?
Customer comments are an integral part of our website and something we value a great deal. We hope to be hearing from you soon
Examples of good review:
Dear Natural Elements
Not only do you supply good, natural products - you even provide good customer service.
I decided to purchase something over the Easter Bank Holiday. It was very easy to select the item I wanted and paying securely on line was a doddle. Then I got an immediate email to let me know exactly when the item would be sent, explaining there'd be a slight delay because of the bank holiday. Impressive!
Immediately after the bank holiday I got ANOTHER email telling me it had been despatched and it arrived safely this morning. Brilliant service - and you don't even charge for postage!
Fantastic - it's a pleasure to buy from you and I love the creamy feel of my moisturiser. Thank You
Kind regards
Carol Bentley
(A Happy Customer)
Due to misuse, writing reviews has been removed
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