Complete Luxury Foot Care Set

Complete set of all three foot products for a special price to get your feet back in great condition.

Ingredients: As per Foot Cream, Foot Scrub & Anti-Microbial Foot Soak.

Customer Testimonial

“As a guy my feet caused me a lot of embarrassment. My feet would smell so bad that my wife was constantly armed with an air freshner! She even kept all my shoes in the garage and would always need to soak my socks for an hour. I tried your foot products, and within a week, their appearance looked healthier and they were not looking so pale. The scrub helped to remove my dry skin, and the delicate fragrance from the products has certainly passed onto my feet!!!”

John Scott, London

If you simply want to try our foot products why not begin with the magical spearmint foot scrub to help remove any dry skin.

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Complete Luxury Foot Care Set