Therapeutic Care Kit

This special offer gives you the complete set for a special price. All of the products are designed to work in harmony with each other so you get the maximum benefits by not mixing them with other petro-chemical products.

Ingredients: As per Extra Rich Moisturiser, Hair Shampoo, Body Lotion, Bath Oil, Moisturising Oil and Body Wash.

Customer Testimonial

I have had eczema on various parts of my body for the last 5 years. I have tried everything - whatever is on the high street and whatever my doctor was offering. And as the results were always the same - nothing happened - I became very sceptical when I came across your products. But, after using the products for only a short time, I can actually say, that finally after 5 years of searching and 5 years of agony, I have found a range of products that helps provide relief and always me to get on with my life. Thank you for such a wonderful product at a reasonable price.

Patrick Walsh, Luton, UK

Make sure you protect the sensitive areas of your body with this cooling body lotion combined with a range of plant extract and other essential healing oils.

All products for eczema and psoriasis have been specially formulated and tested to help you give your skin the relief it deserves.

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Therapeutic Care Kit