Simple Steps To Oily Skin Care

There are areas where there is considerably more oozing of skin oil. The skin of our shoulders also oozes more skin oil and we get pimples over this area of our body too.

Apart from suffering from acne or pimples there is one of the other problems that we just do not notice and that is a feeling of discomfort on our face when a thick sticky layer of skin oil covers our skin.

I think when you wash your oily face with chilled water or expose it to the chilled air of your car AC; the skin pores close their openings and stop oozing-out skin oils. In such condition if you wipe-off your face with tissues.

Calamine is a widely used organic skin products for various skin ailments.

1. Wash your face at least 4 times a day, summers, with a mild soap, Neem Soap*, Margo Soap*, Hamam*, Rexona* etc in summers (*Indian brands) or any other non greasy face-wash

2. Rinse your face with child water whenever you feel discomfort in summers

3. Anyone with oily skin knows that alongside the heat comes the heightened tendency of the skin to produce more oil. There are many factors, which lead to the development of oily skin.

4. Keep your skin clean at all times. When your skin is unbearably oily, it does not only look dirty. To control oily skin, wipe the oily parts of your face with a suitable astringent in between washings. Putting moisturizers on oily skin unnecessarily clog up the pores and may eventually lead to acne. So be kind to your skin. Scrubs are great in removing excess oil from the skin.

5. Masque it! Facial masks can be used to reduce your skins oiliness. Rinse with cool water and pat dry.