Keep Yourself Looking Young

If you feel you need some help with evening out your dry skin tone, try a light primer base and regularly exfoliate your skin.

Do not drag the skin - the eye area is extremely delicate.


Try a cream designed for eyes and cover this in a light, neutral shade of eye makeup. You may wish to try cream eye makeup.


Most skin products are little more than hope in an expensive bottle. Vitamin D is the nutritional supplement that increases youthful skin tone and elasticity. You could say that this company has actually produced the safe tanning bed. You can purchase the SunSplash units in either the stand up tanning bed model or prone.

A very popular commercial tanning bed is the Hex model. Retailing at over $14,000 the Hex stand up tanning beds are far too expensive for most people. Mercolas SunSplash stand up tanning beds offer you a safe tanning bed with bulbs containing 1000 hours of use.

One of the extreme differences between the Mercola safe tanning bed and most commercial units is the fact that commercial units emit x-ray type radiation from the ends of the light tubes. SunSplash units are different in that they use electronic ballast instead of the more common magnetic ballast of traditional tanning beds.

Sun dome beds are extremely nice, they offer built in speaker systems, an attached dressing room and optimal cooling fans. Whether you are looking for a safe tanning bed to increase your summer glow or are just interested in increasing your bodys natural vitamin D production the choice is clear, SunSplash beds are the most economical and safest beds to use.