Great Tips For Treating Dry Skin

Dry, cracked, peeling, bleeding skin can be extremely painful. The number one cause of dry and peeling skin is sun damage. Your dry skin may even be caused by a medical condition such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, Hodgkins disease, and numerous types of skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.

If you have not sought medical condition for a particularly troublesome dry skin issue, do so. Your skin condition could be caused by an underlying disease or disorder that needs medical treatment.
Remedies for Sunburned Dry Skin

The number one cause of aging and dry skin is the sun. Sunburn not only causes dry and peeling skin, it also causes wrinkles, sun spots, and skin discolorations. * Cold compresses - At the first sign of discomfort, begin applying cold compresses to your burnt and dry skin. Use an exfoliating lotion to remove dead skin cells. Apply Aloe Vera to clean dry skin frequently until all evidence of the burn is gone.

Remedies for Dry Skin Conditions

Many cases of dry cracked skin are caused by skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. * Avoid excess sweat - Excess sweat can irritate these skin disorders and make dry skin more prevalent. If you are active, take plenty of showers to remove sweat from your skin.

Intense Treatments for Dry Skin

Here are a few more ideas to sooth your dry skin:
* Paraffin wax - Heated paraffin wax can do wonders for cracked dry skin on your hands and feet. The key to curing cracked, dry skin is consistency. Never tug and pull on loose skin as this can cause more irritation and damage to deeper skin tissues. Instead, allow your natural and organic skin care regime to peel naturally or use an exfoliating sponge.

You should also keep all cracked skin clean to avoid infection. You may need a prescription to heal your dry peeling skin.