Steps To Care For Your Hands

The skin on the backs of your hands is in many ways like the skin on your face.

1. Apply a gentle exfoliant to dry hands. I recommend Almond Oil Refining Hand Scrub from The Body Shop.

2. Rinse the exfoliant and apply a small amount of hand wash. This gives you time to really scrub the hands. The Body Shop Almond oil Daily Hand and Nail cream (normal skin)

Most women dont really know the importance of hand cream products, they know it makes the hands soft and that is important to them. To combat the daily damage that a womans hands go through, hand cream products like Age Defying Hand Treatment SPF can help tremendously. This is a hand cream that is not greasy and has SPF, which is important for the delicate skin on the top of the hands.

Every womans hands need to be exfoliated to get rid of the dry and dead skin to let the newer younger skin show. There is also another hand cream product that helps the hands look younger, Hand and Nail Therapy Crème. Using hand cream products like the Age Defying Hand Treatment SPF, Age Regeneration Extreme Repair Hand Therapy and Hand and Nail Therapy Crème are total hand care products.

It takes the right kind of organic skin care products with the right ingredients to combat damage on the skin of the hands. Hands that are taken care of will never tell a womans age. Skin without dry or wrinkled skin on the top of the hands are young looking hands and it takes the right hand cream products to keep them appearing young.