Improving Your Skin Care Regime

Specializing in mens skin care, Chronos For Men, has developed educational resources and a product line specific to a mans needs.

Clean Your Face

An essential step in skin care for men is to clean your face regularly. Unlike women, a mans face is approximately 12-20% oilier. By using a facial cleanser for men, a man can keep his face healthy and looking younger. When considering a mens facial cleanser, try to find once that dissolves dead skin cells as well. Shaving removes the dead skin, but only in the area you shave. Alpha Hydroxy Acid does this remarkably well while leaving the skin clean and toned.

Tone your Face

Toning the skin helps to minimize the pore size and keep the the skin healthy to reduce oil production. A light moisturizer for men also helps to keep oil production to a minimum.

As skin ages, in requires more care. Glycolic, Alpha Hydroxy and Hyaluronic acids help to refine the skin and improve elasticity. Many formulas have marine collagen in them as well to improve the skin.

Moisturize and Protect

Some offer sun protection, some are for sensitive skin care, some are for oilier skin and some even offer properties of anti-aging.

Stay Healthy

The best skin starts on the inside.

Eat Healthy - Healthier eating with less oils and fats helps to provide the proper nutrients the skin needs to repair itself. The skin on your hands usually suffer a lot more than the skin on other parts of your body does. While this is hard to avoid, you can help to ensure that the skin on your hands remains young looking and free of age spots.