Are You Over 30 And Still Have Acne?

Normally acne is common amongst teenagers especially during puberty, and there are some adults who are also suffering from acne well into their thirties and beyond.


One of the largest factors of having acne is having excessive oily skin, and this becomes trapped in the pores of the skin together with dead skin cells and other bacteria. Then a redness and inflammation appear on the skin and this is sometimes referred to as a zit or pimple. If there are lots of zits on the face or other areas of the body then this is referred to as acne.


If you are an adult then treating acne in adults can be a little bit more challenging than treating acne in teenagers, as there is generally not an increased activity of hormonal changes, and so the causes of acne is adults is a little more complicated.


You should clearly follow a set path in keeping your skin clean and consuming a sensible diet, but you need to be prepared to be very focused and patience as the treatment can take some time for visible results to show.


There also needs to be extra care if you find that you have very sensitive skin as the simplest trigger such as the weather can cause a trigger to make the appearance of your skin look worse than it is or to cause more additional acne breakouts to appear. You need to be doing all that you can to ensure that your skin is as oil free as possible and taking the right steps to ensure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed.