Give Your Body A Organic Treat

Organic beauty products are made of totally natural ingredients and so are much friendlier on the skin, helping it to look younger and cleaner. As organic beauty products are gentler on your skin you can use them more often without worrying about what harm they could be doing to your skin.

The best way to use any organic body products properly is to exfoliate your skin properly first and then apply or wash with your organic beauty product. Removing any dead skin cells will help the product soak into the skin better and do more benefit to you.

The demand for a natural body lotion and other natural skin care products is becoming higher and higher. To make things worse, many firming body lotion products today also include substances that can irritate or harm your skin. Many users of organic products seem to use the terms organic and natural interchangeably.

In short, an organic ingredient is a natural ingredient but a natural ingredient may not be organic, since it could have been derived from methods that were not certified organic.

1. 100% organic label

This is for products composed entirely of certified organic ingredients.

2. Organic label

This is for products with at least 95% certified organic ingredients.

3. Made with organic ingredients label

This is for products with at least 70% certified organic ingredients.

Products with less than 70% organic ingredients cannot display these labels, but can merely mention it in their ingredient statement.

In particular the Made with organic ingredients label for 70% organic composition, blurs the distinction between organic and natural. This further propagate the confusion between organic and natural products.