The Secrets To Dealing With Very Dry Skin

Have you ever seen someone with extremely dry skin (or xerosis)?

Other brands contain harmful chemicals, alcohol and preservatives that only aggravate your skin condition.

Most dry skin cleansers are also ideal solutions for people with extremely dry skin. Different skin types call for different skin care products. Soaps contain harsh chemicals that may interact with the natural ph balance of the skin. Are you plagued with flaky dry skin? Dry skin can be unsightly, uncomfortable, and at times downright painful.

For effective dry skin care, follow the advice below.

Secret Weapon #1 - Natural Skin Care Oil

Excessive bathing will wash away this natural defense. * Gently lather your skin with a mild cleanser.

Secret Weapon #2 - Moisturizer

A dry skin moisturiser will work best on damp skin. Again, avoid toxins and choose all natural skin care products. Natural body butters are particularly effective on dry skin. Healthy eating promotes healthy skin. Essential fatty acids are particularly important for dry skin care. Dry indoor air, especially heated air, can be cruel to skin. A humidifier helps replace lost skin moisture. Youll awaken to soft, hydrated skin!

Secret Weapon #3 - Natural Clothing, Natural Cleaning

This aggravates dry, sensitive skin. Natural fibers are not only soft and comfortable, they permit skin to breath. Remember that dry skin is sensitive skin. Synthetic fragrance and coloring can irritate sensitive skin. The powerful minerals in this unique salt relieve the itching and flaking of dry skin.
Because of hormonal imbalance and menopause, women are more susceptible to excessive dry skin conditions. Hyaluronic acid is what supplies moisture to collagen. Include an intensive night cream and minerals in your diet too for more effective way of combating excessive dry skin condition.