Understanding Skin Care Labels

Everyone should have a skin care routine and it should be a daily one also. But the skin care industry can be a little misleading in that manufacturers are able to brand a product as natural or organic when only as little one percent of the ingredients are indeed natural and organic.

The trick is to be able to understand the various skin care packaging and to be able to determine for yourself and to then be able to decide which products are organic and natural and which are not.

But for many this is much easier said than done. So how can you actually tell if what you are using is the real thing? Well for skin care products to be truly organic over half the ingredients must be organic based and these should be from plant based extracts and essential oils. And if you look at even the most popular brands on the high street, very few if any will be able to comply with this standard.

The ethics behind organic skin care is really very simple and that is that a good percentage of the product will be absorbed into the skin and therefore into the bloodstream. If there is something that you are not sure, or just cannot pronounce then you should not really use it.

Out of all the skin care products that are available, the best creams and lotions will contain a high combination of natural ingredients from plants and essential oils and will contain a minimal percentage of preservatives.

Preservatives are needed in order to prevent bacterial growth and there are a number of companies that are using mineral based preservatives as opposed to using synthetic ingredients.