What Is The Best Body Lotion For You?

Lets face it, body lotion ingredients are what makes a natural body lotion so effective. One of the best natural body lotion ingredients is manuka honey. Speaking of collagen, your skins youthfulness depends on the amount of collagen protein in your skin, as well as another skin protein called elastin. One of the best natural body lotion ingredients that fixes this problem is CynergyTK(TM). Many of the body oils and creams you see in the stores do not heal dry skin but can actually make dry skin worse.

Products that Heal Dry Skin

To actually heal dry skin (not mask it), you need to use quality body creams containing natural ingredients that absorb several layers into the skin to soften cells and enhance the skins natural moisture. Rather than sitting on the surface (like mineral oil), jojoba oil soaks into the skin layers to soften and soothe dry, irritated skin. Sadly however, most people remain uninformed about the body creams available to treat their dry skin problems.

There are organic skin and body care creams that are artificial and abrasive. Off course oxidation is the chief reason behind skin damage or skin aging. The human body generally needs antioxidants. Olive Oil: The main function of olive oil is to hydrate your skin and replace your dead skin cells by helping cell rejuvenation. This oil is analogous to sebum of skin.

Jojoba Oil: Especially significant is its moisturizing properties which make them a great ingredient in body lotion and creams. The oil softens and smooths your skin. They also do not dehydrate your skin. Unlike petroleum based body creams, this oil does not seal skin pores.