Stop Your Skin Drying Out This Summer

The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation is formulated with SPF 25, and comes in different shades to match your skin tone.

Use a dry skin cleanser thats right for your skin type. Sensitive or dry skin needs something more gentle, like a soothing aloe vera or vitamin E infused cleanser to help nourish and protect the skin, too.

No one likes to have dry skin. Things That Contribute To Your Dry Skin Daily

Soaps and Cleansers - Body soaps cleanse your body by removing the surface oils from the skin. It is these very same oils which help hold moisture into the skin and prevent dry skin from occurring. Heat - The dry heat from a furnace system or the heat from your bath can zap your skin of vital moisture. Elements - The natural elements range of beauty products including sun, wind, air temperature, humidity, etc. can wreak havoc on your skin. To protect your skin from the elements, be sure to cover exposed skin during harsh conditions, always use a moisturizer, and never go out into the sun without sunscreen.

Dry Skin Due To Illness or Medical Condition

Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and several types of rashes are notorious for causing dry patches to appear on the skin. To treat the dry patches, it is necessary to treat the underlying skin condition first.

In addition to skin disorders, there are many other types of illnesses that can affect your skin. Conditions such as thyroid disease can cause severe cases of dry skin which can become quite painful. Alleviating skin issues under these circumstances often involves treating the illness itself and then treating the skin symptomatically.