Dealing With An Oily Face

Having a face that is constantly shiny is not very pleasant and you have to be very creative in being able to display that your skin is not that greasy as it actually is. People often wear make up in order to hide and cover spots and blemishes.

But wearing make up when the skin is oily can be very difficult, and when you put it, it can look okay, but after a few hours it can look very messy indeed. There are no real make up products that can withstand the excess oil that the skin produces. So you will need to be clever in how you manage your face.

Some things that you can do however are to carry what is known as blot powder. This helps to touch up the oily areas of the skin without actually looking as though you have applied any makeup and it does help to remove any excess oiliness.

If on the other hand you are doing the correct thing by not wearing makeup you will still experience that your skin becomes oily. Well just carry some clean tissues, and ever few hours, just nip somewhere alone and wipe the excess oils off your face. Simple fast, painless and very cheap.

Lotions such as moisturisers and exfoliating scrubs, help to control excess oil skin are essential and you need to spend a good amount of time looking for products that will help to control the amount of oil produced without causing the skin to become dry.

But if you do notice that after using any creams or lotions that your skin does feel dry then you need to stop the usage of those products straight away.