Combatting Your Dry Skin

The typical face cream for dry skin will be primarily comprised of these manmade components, which offer little in the way of helping your skin. A facial cream for dry skin that features the right mixture of healthy, natural ingredients can do wonders for your skin. Dry skin around eyes is one of the most difficult skin conditions to treat as you get older.

Ive personally found that lotions and creams for dry skin made with all natural and organic ingredients are the most effective. *Jojoba oil- a special oil that helps to regulate sebum (oils produced by the skin) production. If you skin is dry, jojoba oil will help increase sebum production and if your skin is too oily, it will help reduce sebum production.

How can you prevent your skin from getting dry?
How to avoid fruitless skin care products?
How to choose an effective skin care products or lotion for dry skin?

Causes of dry skin
Top most reason why our skin becomes dry is because it loses its natural and essential oils. Various reasons why skin loses oil are
1. Excess Exfoliation of skin
2. Use of Harsh and Harmful skin care products
To avoid our skin from getting dry all we need to do is avoid reasons that strip off the oil from our skin.

Hot water washes the oil away from skin. It is a sin for your skin. Follow the rule of pat dry the facial skin.

How to avoid hopeless skin care products
Skin care products that contain the following ingredients should be avoided.

Alcohol - If a skin care product contains even a trace of alcohol avoid it. Alcohols rip off the natural moisture and oil from skin and are the topmost cause of dry and flaky skin. Keep in mind the following points while selecting a good lotion for dry skin -make sure it contains all natural ingredients.