Essential Steps For That Perfect Shave

Shaving Cream

For the latter there is shaving cream. The ingredients are the single most important value of a shave product. When you wet shave your razor will remove a layer of skin making it important to use a shave product that will retain moisture.


Wet shaving is the most common shaving method and with the advent of the safety or disposable razor, the straight razor is used by few men today. The average man will get around 5 or six shaves from a disposal blade.

Good Shaving Method

Thoroughly massage your natural shave oil or cream into shave area. Splash hot water onto face and regularly, while shaving, swirl razor in a partially filled sink of hot water to activate lubricants. Shave with the grain of beard. After first pass, for a closer shave, apply a bit more oil or shave cream, if needed, and shave across or against the grain of beard for the closest shave.

Post Shave

While better shaving creams and shaving oils will leave your shave area moisturized, a good after shave balm or skin cream with natural ingredients can be applied to your entire shave area further fortifying and protecting your skin. For here are my four key elements to that perfect shave.

You need to think about the razor, the shaving cream, and the shaving brush. This helps thicken up the hair follicles and soften the beard for shaving. Before commencing the shave some people like to apply a shaving oil.