Practical Advice For Dealing With Oily Skin

If you want some real practical advice on how to deal with oily skin well here are some simple steps that will get your skin back on to the right tracks.

Treating oily skin does need to be difficult but it does need to be consistent and performed on a daily basis.

Some of the steps that you need to perform are as follows:

Never be harsh when you are washing your face and always use products that are for oily skin only, and are organic based. Never wash more than twice a day as excess washing will just stimulate the glands therefore producing more oil on the skin.

Use astringents after you have cleansed or washed your skin. This will help to freshen and also tighten the pores.

Give you skin a deep cleanse with a face mask, as this will help to remove deep impurities and leave your skin feeling fresh and really clean.

The skin is constantly shedding itself and sometimes with oily skin the dead skin cells can be left on the skin. So exfoliate your skin to get rid of those dead skin cells and to have a healthy glowing look. But when using an exfoliating scrub always massage gently and again do not be too harsh.

And make sure that you are using an oil free moisturiser, and do not confuse oiliness with moisture as the two are very different indeed. Apply the moisturiser to the face and neck and again a good moisturiser will be absorbed into the skin within seconds and there will be no excess residue on the surface of the skin.