Using Honey To Treat Dry Skin

Honey is a wonderful thing. Its a great sweet treat. If you have a dry skin problem, especially on your face, and have tried everything, I bet you havent tried honey. For centuries now, honey has been used as a cure for dry skin. Its a wonderful dry skin moisturiser. There are some other great things about honey, too. When choosing a moisturizer, you should mind the ingredients. The ingredients will help you determine if it will harness the core functions of your skin. Manuka honey

Honey is wonderful skin softening and hydrating ingredient. Using raw honey is like treating your skin to many hours of spa treatment. Manuka honey is actually a type of honey far better than the others because it contains vitamins and minerals that can thoroughly hydrate the skin but can also supplement missing nutrients. Phytessence Wakame

I have long envied the dewy-looking skin of Japanese women. CynergyTK

If you can find a moisturizer with these ingredients, count yourself lucky because you have already found the best cleanser for dry skin. Why do we need to moisturize the skin? Too many showers also tends to dry out the skin too. Why honey as moisturizer? There are many types of honey on the market but none can match the active manuka honey from New Zealand.

I think its greatest quality as a moisturizer is the fact that this type of honey, after special processing, can actually penetrate deeply into the skin and assist in the whole skin care renewal process.