Are Your Eyes Making You Age?

In order to remedy the problem of puffy eyes or dark circles, we must first understand what causes them.

Whilst sleep deprivation or interrupted sleep cycles can be the more common causes of dark circles or eye puffiness they are by no means the only cause.

Dark circles under the eyes are largely the result of tiny leakages of blood passing through the capillaries close to the surface of the skin. Nasal inflammation and sinus congestion can cause those dark circles around the eyes. Fluid retention can be the cause of puffy eyes, a common occurrence in the morning as fluid builds up while you sleep. A low-carbohydrate diet will help prevent eye puffiness by preventing water retention. Skin products rich in vitamins, especially the vitamins A, C and E helps to reduce eye puffiness and to maintain clear, moist skin. Squeeze out the extra water and place the cotton balls over the eyes.

For instance an ordinary moisturiser for dry skin will not solve the problem of dark circles.

One recommendation is to look for a good eye cream to help reduce dark circles and puffiness, one for instance containing the Vitamin K to help strengthen the tiny capillaries just below the skin around the eyes; it will help blood flow and prevent any slight leakage.

A lot of us experience bags under the eyes that make us look tired and weary all the time. So if youre parents and siblings or other relatives have those bags under the eyes then dont be surprised if you have those bags too. Bags under the eyes are a common problem in our society today. It is not pretty to have those bags under your eyes and it does lessen our self-esteem.