Vitamin E For Treating Dry Skin

One of the problems with a lot of creams for treating dry skin is that have a lot of chemical based products and all these products do is to strip away the skins natural oils which in turn just makes the skin even drier. Products that are based on plants and natural oils are a much safer and better choice to use on the skin.

The only real way of knowing what you are putting on your skin is to read the product label and there are certain natural ingredients that you need to be using.

For instance jojoba seed oil, is very similar in its properties to the skins own natural oils, and this is why it is find in many natural based moisturisers. Whilst it is used for moisturising it under no circumstances does it cause the increase in the production of sebum. So what it does is to add a layer on the surface of the

Jojoba oil actually has many other benefits such as it is also used in the treatment of oily skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis and also acne. Simply because it just does not clog the pores like many creams can and as a result of this breakouts are therefore less likely to take place.

Jojoba is rich with vitamin E, and this is why it has been suggested that vitamin E creams are good source to help relieve dry skin. But it is the activity of the antioxidants within the vitamin E that is the real reason for helping to soothe dry skin.