How To Care For Normal Skin

Yes, many people have what is categorized as normal skin. This means that some of your facial skin is oily and some is dry. You still can use moisturizers and skin cream products effectively but you need to use a moisturizer made for normal skin twice a day, and then you can apply an intense, rich moisturizer to the dryer skin areas in the evening.

Using Skin Creams Correctly

Always follow the instructions included on the skin creams that you are going to be using. Apply a normal skin moisturiser, facial creams and other facial products with gentle strokes and do not use downward or rough motions on your delicate skin. The five types of skin are: oily, normal, sensitive, dry and sun damaged.

If the paper sticks to your body or has oily stains on it after the paper is removed you have oily skin. One of the biggest difference between oily and normal skin is where the skin is actually oily. Oily skin typically has enlarged pores and is very prone to developing acne and blemishes. Normal skin is exactly that - a normal of both oily and dry skin. Normal skin is the most popular skin type and almost seventy percent of women today have it.

The find out if you have normal skin, you can take a simple tissue test. Also, normal skin usually has medium-sized pores, healthy colour and a smooth texture, so it is important that you use the correct normal skin care products. - Moisturize the dry areas of your skin with an oil-free moisturizer twice a day.

- Remember to use a face wash for normal skin all areas of the skin.