Do You Have Dark Circles Eye Bags?

Many people have bags under their eyes that make them look like they are tired all the time. Over time, however, these bags just got larger and larger.

Not getting enough sleep

Eating salty foods

Having bags under eyes is not fun, and it can really cut down on self-confidence. Far too many people fail to realize that there is a solid scientific explanation for why people awake with dark circles under eyes or puffy eyes and puffy eye lids. Only the best eye creams on the market will offer such proprietary ingredient complexes. Dark circles and puffy eyes are one of the most frequently asked how-to-cure skincare related questions. There is no specific food that causes a skin problem in itself, but it may be certain ingredients in certain foods that cause the skin to erupt.

Salty foods are a huge contributing factor to puffy and baggy eyes because they contribute to water retention. Water retention makes the body (as well as the skin) appear bloated and puffier. For the natural solution: Purchase organic eye care products wheat germ oil from a health food store and apply under the eyes and around the eyes twice a day.

Dark under eye circles You should follow the same criteria stated for puffy and baggy eyes to avoid salty foods. Secret 1: Mix turmeric powder with raw pineapple juice. Gently spread this mixture under the eyes. Let it stay on the eyes for 15-20 minutes. Secret 2: For serious dark circles, purchase almond oil (the wheat germ oil is more appropriate for puffy eyes) from a health food store. Gently pat the oil under the eyes and around the eye.