Fixing Oily Skin

Mind you, oily skin does not get lines and wrinkles as quickly or as deeply as people with dry skin Often, oily skin is associated with acne, however, here we will focus on the classic oily skin type and look at the causes and solutions for oily skin.

Oily skin may be the result of several causes:

Cosmetics and/or skin care products youre currently using

Oily skin may well be in your genes. Diet can be both the cause as well as the solution for oily skin. Eating greasy, oily foods will eventually produce oily skin. Fix your diet and youll fix your oily skin.

Hormonal changes especially during the teenage and change of life years can cause oily skin, often associated with acne. Similarly, pregnancy, during which your hormones change dramatically, may cause oily skin. The reason soap is a no-no when it comes to oily skin is that the soap you use to wash your face will initially remove the oil, but it will also dry out your skin causing your skin to over-react and over produce oil which is then secreted onto the skins surface and oops, you have oily skin again. A humid, hot climate may cause your skin to become oily.