What Can Cause Oily Skin?


1. Heredity is quite responsible for an oily skin, but so do hormones. Pregnant women sometimes notice an increase in skin oil with the changes in hormonal activity.

2. The wrong cosmetics can easily aggravate an otherwise mild case of oily skin.

In most of the cases, oily skin can be treated at home. TIPS ON OILY SKIN CARE

If using a detergent soap irritates your facial skin then try the glycerin soap,easily available over the counter.

3. Wipe with Astringents - Wipe the oily spots on your face by rubbing alcohol or a combination of alcohol and acetone that helps degrease your oily skin.

4. Rinse your face with cold water - Simply splashing your face with cold water and blotting it dry a couple of times a day is equivalent to applying chemicals to your skin. These cold water rinses remove excessive oils from your face.

5. Tie up your hair properly - Keep your hair away from your face as oily hair accompanies an oily skin.

6. Do not touch your facial skin - Avoid touching your face throughout the day as your hands deliver excessive oils and dirt.

Hot water plus soap dissolves skin oil better than cold water and soap.

Its reasonable you want to remove oily skin from face and neck, but you dont want to go overboard. Stripping the skins natural oils will cause you to look older. Sebum is the skins natural lubricant. Teenagers often want to remove oily skin from face and neck, because the sebaceous glands are stimulated by hormonal changes that occur during puberty. That way, your skin will not be too oily or too dry.

If you use the right skin care products, you can remove oily skin from face and neck, while supporting the skins health.