Menopause And Dry Skin

Menopause: The Basics

Without estrogen, skin can dry out and age. Hormone Replacement Therapy for Dry Skin

Taking estrogen orally can do a lot to combat menopause symptoms including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, dry skin, mood swings, etc. Taking Care of Dry Skin during Menopause

Addressing dry skin during menopause takes a little more time and attention than during other times of your life. Here are a few more ideas to help your skin during menopause:

* Treat your new, sensitive skin with extra care. Hot water dries out your skin more than anything else. So be sure to drink plenty of fluids if you are combating dry skin.

Dry skin and menopause do not need to go hand in hand. There are ways that you can keep healthy, youthful, vibrant skin throughout menopause. As a result, dry skin and wrinkles soon become obvious. Menopause should be treated as a different cause of dry skin, and consequently a change in dry skin treatment will be needed.

Smoking has been linked to dry skin and wrinkles time and again, and women in menopause should consider quitting for any hope of restoring their skin to its original youthful appearance.

There are several ways to restore the skins healthy appearance during menopause. At least five 8-oz glasses of water a day should ensure the skin has enough water to protect itself against dry skin.

Vitamin E supplements and dry skin night cream can also help restore the skins appearance. Other dietary options for dry skin treatment include soy protein and isoflavones. The activity stimulates the oil glands that have normally been weakened by menopause and aging, minimizing the damages of dry skin. A good shielding lotion locks in the skins natural moisture and shields out the chemicals that cause dry skin.