Existem-AM Affiliate Manager

When we started our Affiliate Program we knew we needed a network that would be able to put in touch with some good affiliates. We tried two networks in the past in 2009, but sadly nothing came of this. So at the end of 2009 we thought we would give affiliate marketing another go and we signed up with Paid On Results.

So far, we have not been disappointed at all. In the first week we had sales, and throughout the month of January 2010 sales have been coming through. Sales are ad-hoc at present but the main thing is that they are being generated and this has given us great hope that with the right affiliates and the right methods of promotion Natural Elements can really make its affiliate program work.

We did a lot of looking around for a suitable affiliate agency and there are many to choose from. Some are very expensive asking for £2,000 per month and that is whether any sales are generated or not. This is something that we could not justify as we want some accountablity. We opted for Existem Affiliate Management who offer a low monthly retainer, which gets even lower after three months and they take a percentage of the sales that are generated - which is fine as it shows that they have a greater incentive to work and make the program as effective as possible and also as quickly as possible.