Never Ignore Your Spots

Most people will ignore a tiny spot on the face and not think anything of it and not take any action to treat it. They will leave and allow it to become inflamed, red, sore and also ugly. The moment you notice that something is not quite right on your skin it is time for you to take immediate action.

But the question that everyone asks is how to get rid of the big spots and quickly?

Well the first rule that you need to do is to stay away from anything that is oily – this applies to foods and the creams that you put on your face. Stay on a diet that is focused around natural foods only that consists of bright coloured fruits and vegetables. Also drink lots of water.

Then stop touching your skin with your hands. Your hands do come into contact with a great many items, and there is no telling the amount of bacteria that exists on your fingertips. Only touch your face with your hands if and only if you are confident that they are clean. If you are not sure, wash your hands with a antibacterial wash first.

You need to keep your skin lubricated but at the same time it cannot be dry. Use a range of oily skin products that will help to absorb excess oils yet keep the skin from going dry. You will need a good facial moisturiser as well as other items such as a cleanser, actual spot kit and also a good exfoliating lotion to remove dead skin cells.

Also, let nature takes its course when it comes to spots, so in other words do not pick or squeeze them as this can make matters much worse.