The Good And Bad Of Oily Skin

If you have oily skin then a typical day is that in the morning your skin is okay, but by late morning your skin is like an oil slick. The glands of your skin are very active producing a lot of excess oils which is good and also very bad.

It is good that you have oily skin as your skin is being naturally lubricated and so you are less likely to develop wrinkles, so your skin will stay looking younger for much longer as opposed to someone suffering from dry skin.

But it is bad because sadly skin that is oily is more prone to spots, blackheads and other blemishes. And sometimes the infection can spread to other areas of face and also other areas of the body.  

Now trying to prevent any such breakouts is much easier than trying to get rid of a breakout of acne once is develops. So you need to follow a simple skin care routine for oily skin, ideally using products that are rich in natural antibacterial agents.

If you just have oily skin but no spots or pimples at present, then you lucky, so you need to control your oily skin before such an occurrence can occur.

One of the great myths about treating oily skin is that you have to be harsh in order to keep the excess oil production under control. This is anything but the truth, as being harsh with your skin can only lead to dehydration of your skin and it could even become very sensitive.