Acne And HRT

Acne is linked with a menopausal woman taking HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) treatment. The HRT has progestin in the treatment and can cause the skin to breakout in a rash or acne, if excessive androgen is produced. Apart from acne during menopause, many women suffer from discomfort caused due to flaky or itchy skin. Estrogen use should be limited for those wishing to prevent the breakout of acne, as estrogen used in a cream form can result in skin discoloration, rashes, as well as oily skin.


Menopause and acne are problems that have led many women to resort to counseling for clarification as a menopause related issue. Health care practitioners acknowledge that this skin eruption may happen due to the change of life. This hormone deficiency triggers off other typical symptoms of menopause and mood swings, hot flashes and adult female acne occurs.


The problem with acne is that it is really caused by bacteria underneath the skin. A diet rich in raw or lightly cooked vegetables can help relieve unsightly blemishes and also leave your skin glowing with health. The fruits vegetables and whole grains will help keep your digestive system clean which will help your body keep acne under control.


Treating face spots by eating healthy foods makes good sense and is one more weapon in the fight against unsightly blemishes. The foods listed above all contain vital nutrients - vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help disarm antioxidants that can help fight a host of diseases and help you to live a healthier, longer and more radiant life.