Does Dirty Skin Cause Acne?

Having dirty skin will not be the cause of acne but can make it worse for those who are trying to find a treatment for acne. Acne cannot be cured in any way.

Benzoyl Peroxide is the most common medication for spots and acne. This means more money to treat the acne and longer times waiting to clear skin. Diet, stress, unclean skin or hormonal imbalances can all lead to acne. It stands to reason that if stress can cause acne, if you relieve some of that stress; it will help clear the acne up, too.

Acne is the by-product of greasy or oily skin, which leads to blocked pores and eventually acne. The best way of treating acne is prevention. In some cases, if the acne isnt treated, you could suffer from acne scars. Acne scars can either be seen as discolorations of the skin, or pitted holes left behind once the acne has healed over. Neither one is good for your complexion, but thankfully there are a number of cures for treating acne and acne scars.

If youre suffering from acne, youll probably want to start with a few tips for treating acne and acne scarring with home remedies - Garlic is said to be one of the most effective acne treatments.

However, dont be fooled by extremely expensive over the counter treatments, as there is usually a much safer, and equally potent natural spot cure that can be found with a little research.

I have found many incredibly effective treatments for less many than Id typically spend on a nice night out on the town!