Making Your Hair Look Great

You can turn your ordinary looking hair into great looking hair by simply following some hair care tips, practices and diet information.


For wavy hair Using a shampoo and conditioner that gives shine to the hair helps.


Curly Hair:


Curly hair are the most prone to get dry so Using a shampoo and conditioner that has moisturizer will help retain the oil in the hair.


The following are some hair care practices that will help you avoid hair damage and make your hair great.


    * Do wash your hair with water everyday.

    * Never comb wet hair as they are more prone to damage.

    * Dont shampoo everyday as the chemicals in the shampoos can damage the scalp if used daily.


There are countless reasons why organic shampoo is better than a commercialized shampoo which contains chemicals. Organic shampoo is not only for your hair, there are also a lot of other types of organic shampoo that can be used in the house. Yes, they are cleaning your hair, they are striping everything out of your hair, irritating your scalp, drying your scalp and contributing towards hair loss at the same time. There are alternatives available, such as shampoos made with natural products.


So, what is different about all natural shampoo? I then debated whether to get the usual shampoo and re shampoo my hair, but thought, no, preserver. I dried my hair off and hit it with the hair dryer and it looked revolting, it looked dirtier than before I shampooed it, it was late and I didnt have time to re shampoo my hair so I left it, but it felt clean. Even the dogs use natural shampoo now, made with castile soap, neem oil and essential oils, their coats are like silk.