Giving Your Hair The Correct Amount Of Nutrition

Your hair needs nutrition from the inside out. Try to use natural and organic hair care products as much as possible. Many commercial shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals that in the long run can damage the hair.


Regular shampooing, rinsing and conditioning with natural products can help keep hair healthy and beautiful. If you are fortunate enough to have natural curls, waves or low-maintenance hair, it is always best to allow the hair to dry naturally whenever possible. Do not rub, vigorous towel drying actually damages the hair shaft.


Comb hair with a wide-toothed comb and fluff up lightly with your fingers. Protect the ends of your hair by bending your head and blow drying with your hair hanging down. It will also give your hair more body. Leave hair slightly damp.


Spray on to damp hair and scrunch by using your hands whilst holding the hair close to the scalp then leave to dry. If you need it to dry faster you can blow dry but leave very slightly damp and allow hair to finish drying naturally.


The hair on our head is also known as our crowning glory. Any harm to the hair causes hair loss and if in abundance then can lead to baldness.


Whether excessive use of chemicals on the hair or any other factors, hair loss is caused due to the loosening or weakening of the roots. Yes, preventive measures can be taken in the form of natural hair tips. According to Trichologists one should massage their hair as regularly and use natural shampoos.


You can easily achieve faster hair growth without ever worrying about spending all of that money on useless commercial hair loss products. Then there are hair transplants and laser surgeries that cost thousands of dollars. Stimulating blood circulation in my opinion should be performed before any type of ongoing hair loss treatment.