Are Your Legs Dry In The Winter?

Winter is a dry time, especially if you live in the north. We cover our legs daily, while shaving and moisturizing less. The same is true for your legs. Second, as winter is the driest time in our weather schedule, our legs actually need a little extra help and health. Look for ingredients from the land and sea that advance skin care cell health and feed your skin.


Third, our skin at the cellular level has difficulties sloughing off dead skin. It is important to remove old, dry skin cells to reveal the translucence of youthful looking skin. When you finally unveil those legs next spring, be prepared. As you grow older, the skin on your legs also start to be come dry and look like scales.


If your skin is scaly, using an ordinary body lotion may not be enough to soften your skin or make the dryness go away.


Hairs on the legs are pretty normal. It is very easy to remove hair on your legs. If you are not busy and you have time to groom everyday, you may opt to shave your legs. Varicose Veins And Other Venous Problems


Varicose and spider veins are the most common types of vein problems that can be unsightly on the legs. When you jump in the shower, always use a moisturizing shaving gel to get those legs hair-free. If youre in major need of some dead skin removal, treat your legs and arms to an electric buffer, which resembles a larger version of a nail buffer, but with a large, flat, circular head.