Is Your Shampoo Safe?

Often shampoos that use the terms organic or all natural simply arent what they appear to be. Vitamin E: Look for a hair product that utilizes Vitamin E. While other vitamins are worth investigating, Vitamin E houses essential elements for healthy scalp circulation, which translates into beautiful, shiny hair with the best protection against hair loss.


Ethical Testing Methods: Shopping for the best hair care products is one thing. Safe For Children: A good barometer for the safety and quality of an organic shampoo may be found in if the formula has been deemed safe for children. When you use an organic shampoo, you dramatically slash your chances of succumbing to sudden allergy. Using organic makes sense.


A Guide to Organic Shampoo Ingredients


Antifungals fight fungi and are terrific for children or anyone suffering from oily scalp and hair. They typically have an acidic pH of 2-3, which gives the added bonus of shiny hair and hair color protection. Lemon and grapefruit seed extract are good antifungals, and Vitamin A also regulates oil production.


There are countless reasons why organic shampoo is better than a commercialized shampoo which contains chemicals. There are plenty of companies on the Internet which offer organic shampoo but it is also possible for you to make your own shampoo as well. Organic shampoo is not only for your hair, there are also a lot of other types of organic shampoo that can be used in the house. If we were to use a commercial shampoo that contains chemicals that we are allergic to, we would constantly be exposed to those chemicals through contact with the carpet.