What The Forums Say About Oily Skin

If you visit any of the skin care forums that exist on the Internet you will notice that a lot of people are suffering from oily skin. Oily skin is one of the most common skin conditions that exist amongst people and the sufferers of this particular skin condition are always on the lookout for an effective solution.

But do you know why your skin becomes oily in the first place? Well it is mainly the skin that gets oily the most but other parts of the skin can also feel quite greasy. The face however does have a lot of glands within it and when these glands become overactive they produce more oils and that is why your face looks very shiny and also feels very greasy.

This over activity of the glands can be caused for a number of reasons but it is mainly due to the effect of some kind of hormonal activity, which is why there are many teenagers and also women who are pregnant that are seeing that their skin is oilier than normal.

Overtime it is considered that the glands do eventually regulate themselves and the excess oils that are secreted does eventually diminish, however there are also many instances where this just does not happen. One of the other problems that can lead to the skin being oily is the use of poor products which is causing the skin to become very dry.

You have to remember that the glands within the skin are very sensitive and if they detect that the skin is dry then they are going to release even more oils to help combat this. So your choice of skin care products has to be made with a great deal of care.

Should you be finding that your skin is getting oily during the day, the best step is to just wipe away the excess oils with a clean tissue. This will take away the shine and your skin will look much better.