Your Skin Still Oily After The First Wash?

You are more than likely to be quite familiar with your morning routine by now. You wake up and all is fine, then you wash your face and after just a few hours your skin is oily, shiny and very greasy.


You feel that you constantly need to wash your face but doing so will just make matters worse. You have tried everything that is available and have even been to see your doctor who offered a prescription based treatment but you want to be able to heal your oily skin without the need for any drugs.


It is possible to be able to control and even heal your oily skin using a few simple ingredients that you can obtain from the comfort of your own home and best of all the ingredients that you use are safe, there are no side effects and you will be pleased to hear that they are also totally natural.


What you need to understand about oily skin is that it is easily prone to blemishes and the pores of the skin becoming clogged which can lead to an outbreak of spots developing. Looking after your skin in does need to be done one step at a time and this needs to be done by keeping the skin as clean as possible at all times.

Avoid any products that contain any harsh ingredients such as that of alcohol as these will make your condition even worse. A good thing to do is to make your own facial cleansers and this will mean just taking some lime juice and blending this with a cucumber. You can drink it and you can put it on your skin, either way you are helping to revive your skin and you are also controlling the amount of excess oils being released.