Using Lemons In Your Hair Care

The lemon is a simple fruit that dates back many hundreds of years and it has also been known to be able to heal and treat various skin and hair ailments. Lemons are the most effective natural antiseptics that are available and there purpose is vast.


You can use a lemon to help treat any hair conditions that you may have because the natural oil that it contains is well documented to be able to rejuvenate and revive the skin and it quite often found in many hair and skin care products today.

If you are not too sure how to take advantage of a lemon when it comes to caring for your hair then you just need to continue reading and you are bound to be delighted. There are many home hair care recipes that you can create very easily yourself.


All you need is some lemon juice, an egg, olive oil and some water. Blend this altogether and before you know it you have an excellent hair rinse that you can use after you have done your standard wash, and this will help to remove any excess dirt and grime and it will also help to revive the roots of the hair and to hydrate the scalp.


You can also use a lemon to create your own leave in hair conditioner and this is very powerful when combined with that of henna. Again you will need an egg and a good quality hair oil. Blend all these together and leave for an hour before you apply to your hair and massage the mix in very gently. Leave this in for say ten minutes and then rinse away and you will notice that you will not need to buy a conditioner ever again.