Make Your Own Treatment For Spots

Making your own treatments at home in order to get rid of your spots is something that just about anybody can do. Getting rid of your spots is your number one mission because you never want other people to see that massive spot that you have on your face.

One of the best treatments that you can use on your spots is toothpaste, because this actually works like a clay mask. Quite simply what the toothpaste does is to dry the spots that you have one your face all whilst your are sleeping. It does this by sucking out any excess oils that may be presents on your skin. You can use any kind of toothpaste, but for some reason whitening toothpastes as these are generally stronger than standard toothpastes and can cause a burning sensation to the skin.

As well as toothpastes for helping to kill off spots you can also try using an egg white. Simply separate the yolk from the white and whisk it, then apply to your entire face. Leave it for a few minutes then wash your face with a soap free face wash that contains lavender.

This works because the egg white contains Vitamin A and this is excellent for your skin. But if you do not want the fact of an egg sitting on your face, then just get the egg white, and some of it with a cotton wool ball to the spots on your face.

It works pretty much the same as toothpaste in that it dries the spot, leaving your skin looking fresh and clear.