When Happens When The Skin Becomes Oily?

Each and every one of us have glands that are within the skin and these are responsible for helping to keep the skin soft and lubricated. This happens by the secretion of a natural oil that is called sebum, and without this the skin would soon become very dry.

But there are instances when the glands within the skin are producing just too much oil and this causes the surface of the skin to look very greasy. This is not always that big a deal, providing you are managing your oily skin care routine. But there are other times when having oily skin can lead to many problems such as the skin look very dull, it attracting more dirt and bacteria than normal and as a result the development of spots and acne appear.

You can use the vast range of products that are widely available to help remove the excess oils but this is not suggested as many of these cause the skin to become dry. And when the skin is dry, this then causes the glands to produce even further oils and so the skin becomes even oilier.

If you are using products that are harsh on the skin this can causes any and all essential oils to be stripped away, so again the glands within the skin will work to compensate for the lack of oils that are present. Therefore more oils will be produced and you are then back to where you started.

The best products are those that do not strip away any oils and do not leave the skin feeling tight and dry. They will help to remove any excess oils and they will also help to keep the skin correctly hydrated at all times.