Can You Really Blame Chocolate For Your Acne?

Can you get acne if you eat too much chocolate? Well there is no proof that chocolate will actually cause you to develop acne but there are certainly a group of people who seem to suffering from an outbreak if they do eat chocolate and it does not matter who much or how little is actually eaten.

If you are eating a lot of chocolate and you are still applying a certain acne cream to your skin and there is no difference then it is the case that you are eating foods that your body does not agree and the result is that you are suffering from acne.

So if you are determined to get rid of your acne then you need to stop eating foods that are causing it. But there are some people who think that eating certain foods is in no way related to the development of acne. For some people this is the case but you need to remember that people are different. So what is a cause for some people will not be a cause for others.

What then can you do if you are discovering that foods are causing you to develop acne? Well you can and should consider having an allergy test to determine what other foods may actually cause a trigger within your body. This will then allow you to plan more effectively what foods you can eat and what needs to be avoided.

Just because there is no medical backing with regards to eating certain foods can cause acne does not mean that it does not happen. Remember it is not just chocolate that can make you develop acne but other potential foods also.