Why Dry Skin Develops

There are a number of reasons that a person develops dry skin and it can be difficult in determining what the actual cause is. One of the problems if your skin is dry is that it can be due to genetics in which case there is no permanent cure and the only thing that you can do is to provide an effective treatment in order to provide relief for your condition.

Age is another reason why a person develops dry skin and this is quite normal and expected as the glands within the skin do start to produce fewer natural oils that are needed to help protect the skin. If you are of a mature age it is important that you are using intensive moisturiser creams that will help to hydrate your skin effectively.

There are environmental factors that can also lead to the skin becoming dry such as the intense heat from the sun and there are also the cold winds that are present during the winter months. Throughout the year people are presented with the constant challenge of caring for their skin without having any oils being stripped away.

Diet is also said to be a factor as to why the skin becomes dry and this is especially so if a person is lacking Vitamin A. It is easy to obtain Vitamin A within a diet and eating foods that are green can do this. Sometimes it is doing the simple and easy things that can make a big difference and drinking lots of water should also be included.