How To Stop Moisture Escaping

Should you be suffering from dry skin you need to be aware that this is a result of the skin being dehydrated and the loss of any moisture content within the skin. So if you want to find an easy solution to this ailment then the best thing that you can be doing is drinking lots of water. Not only does this help to hydrate the body and also the skin, it is also very effective at being able to cleanse the body, so the elimination of toxins is much more effective.

You also need to be avoiding certain drinks especially that of alcohol, tea and also coffee. Alcohol is the biggest culprit for causing dry skin and there are many products that also use this as an ingredient in their skin care products. So you will also need to be looking at the ingredients that you applying to your skin.

It is also essential that you are keeping your skin lubricated and well moisturised so you need to be using very intensive lotions that are organic and free from any harsh ingredients.

You really do need to be careful about the range of products that you are using on your skin as many can be a problem in the long term. Ingredients such as that of alcohol and also mineral oils can make matters worse. If you are looking an effective means in which to treat your skin then you may want to consider using olive oil as this is able to penetrate the layers of the skin and also prevent any moisture content from escaping.