Are Your Skin Products Free From Parabens?

Are your skin products full of Parabens? Do you even know what a Paraben actually is? If not then you need to carry on reading because these can very much determine not just products that you buy to maintain the health of your skin but also can determine your overall health.

Parabens are used in many different skin products from creams, lotions, shampoo products and anything else that you can think of that is beauty related. The reason that it is used because it is very cheap to produce and it acts as an agent to help prevent bacterial growth. But you need to be aware that Parabens are not actually good for your skin.

It is only now that there has been much publicity surrounding the ingredients that are being used in various creams and lotions and there is much debate about the safety of these products.

The main cause of concern is that there are a number of health associated illnesses that are linked to Parabens such as that of cancers and mainly that of breast cancer.

Manufacturers of such skin care products that are using these as an ingredient make the claim that they are not absorbed into the skin. But with significant research this is not true and over sixty percent of what is applied to the skin is absorbed.

Always use products that are free from Parabens and many of the organic products that you can buy are indeed free from any harsh ingredients and these are much safer to use on the skin and do not pose a risk to a person’s health.