Treat Your Spots With Respect

Right then if you squeeze them or pick at them or poke at them or even pop them then you making matters much worse for yourself. There are better ways for getting rid of spots that will not spread infection and that will not damage the skin in any way.

But quite often is desperation the first thing that people do is to squeeze their spots. Not only is this ill advised but it can make the inflammation much worse and can even push any bacteria deeper into the skin causer more spots to appear on the face.

Generally when you do squeeze your spots you only ever remove part of the bacteria that is contained, it is what is happening underneath your skin what you cannot see is where the real damage is taking place.

When you do squeeze your spots you are running the risk of causing permanent damage to your skin in the form of scarring, and the pores can become enlarged.

There are many products for oily skin prone to spots that you should use in order to help kill off bacteria and to heal the skin. Essentially a good cleanser designed for oily skin as well as an astringent toner to help tighten the pores is a good idea if you are serious about getting rid of spots safely but without causing any real long term damage to your skin.

Using products for your skin that are organic and natural is a much better way of dealing with spots and getting rid of them fast. As well as this by embarking upon such a routine you are doing everything possible to make sure that they do not come back.