Is Your Hair Greasy?

If you are suffering from hair that is greasy then it is quite likely that you are have overactive glands. The glands are supposed to secrete some oils onto the surface of the skin in order to help keep it hydrated and moist but there are times when the amount of oils can be very excessive.

There are a number of reasons as to why these glands can become overactive, and this can cause a build up on the scalp especially, causing the hair to become greasy, pores on the scalp can become clogged which can result in itchiness which in turn will lead to dandruff.

It is important that you are taking the right steps to regulate the amount of oils that are being produced and you need to be using natural hair & skin care products that contain jojoba and even emu oil is also very effective.

When it comes to emu oil this is a great ability to help penetrate deep into the layers of the scalp and it helps to promote the flow of blood to the roots of the hair as well as allowing for the hair to look clean and healthy.

And when using a product that contain jojoba oil, this is in fact a natural cleanser which will help to unclog pores and to combat any excessive grease and grime.

It is important that a regular hair care routine is in place when it comes to caring for the hair and this is whether the hair is normal, dry, damaged or oily. Take care what products you are using as there are some that contain ingredients that could actually aggravate the condition even further.