How To Fight Off Acne

Acne is more than just a condition that affects the skin, it also affects you mentally. The lesions attack your skin and do nothing more than make your life a total misery. You need to be fighting back if you are suffering from acne and this is better done when you understand how and why acne appears.

No one is immune from acne but it is generally seen in people between the ages up to that of 24 and there is no real age at which it starts because there are many babies that are also suffering from acne.

The most common reason for the development of acne is that of hormonal changes which causes the glands within the skin to produce more oils than what is needed, and when this happens bacteria then feeds off this, and the purpose of your skin care routine will be to reduce the amount of oils that are being secreted.

There are also many adults that are suffering from acne and this can happen if they even did not suffer from acne when they were a teenager. Acne can also strike amongst women who are pregnant and to those that are experiencing other hormonal changes mainly that of menopause. You need to make sure that you are not getting too stressed as this too is a reason for the breakout of acne.

At the first signs of acne you need to be starting an effective skin care program in order to control your acne and you plan needs to be to eliminate the acne from your body and to reduce the acne that exists at present.